Friday, January 25, 2008

Strength lies in Unity

Hmmmm…………. this statement is such a cliché that often we fail to see its import. Well reading this sentence like a 100 times while studying the freedom struggle of our country, it seemed that I too had forgotten the depth of this ubiquitous saying. Providentially, a couple of days back on 22 nd jan, I was a part of this episode which resuscitated the worth of the word ‘unity’ and proved the above penned statement 101% accurate.

Let me take off with the description of the event by sketching a brief background of our earlier plight so that you guys can comprehend as to why this chapter is so important to us(me and the other girls hostel boarders). Well……so…… we had an entry time of 5.30 pm in our hostel, quite unbelievable right, believe it coz we had been living wid this for the past 3 ½ yrs. And if you think its not a big deal then just try this for, not much, but just 5 days and you will know why it is such a poignant situation. We had a dress code for college wear salwar kammeez .I will not put it this way that we have something against these beautiful , elegant, Indian outfits , but that we should be given the liberty to wear what we want( and ofcourse I donot mean bikini or other minimal clothing, but definitely something decent) .It was not that we wanted to sport fashion in the campus but we didn’t get the logic as to how girls become good and traditional if they wear salwars and absolutely mod and indecent if they wear jeans. Oh and a lot of times there had been genuine tries from different groups of girls to bring about an alteration, but everything fell to the deaf ears. It felt as if the whole world came to an end after 5.30 pm. We were literally tethered to our hostels after 5.30pm. We had to squeeze in everything from tuitions to shopping to medical check ups, everything that you can think of within 5.30pm!!!!!!. We were amazed at the bigotry of the people of this place. How could their thoughts be so quaint. Well this is just 5% of the scenario. Its hard to imagine a college life if u haven’t been in it your self. While on the other hand the guys get to avail much more than us. If we are studying in a coed college then why the hell are we restricted, caged and stripped of our basic rights in the name of safety. Every time we stood up to fight, for nothing extra, but our privileges, we were pulverized down, just because we are girls? In simple words we stood at the receiving end of the gender bias. This is just 5% of what we faced.

Now let me hop to the foreground. Enough is Enough we decided and its time we take some serious actions and rebuff to the recalcitrant ways of the management. So this time a plan was premeditated a week before and thoroughly checked so that there was no room for any flaw. Well what we decided was simple, all girls move out of the hostel by 5.15 pm and then sit outside till the demands were met……. simple but this time we were counting on unity…… unity which was was absent at all the other times. So as per plan every body moved out and seated themselves in the OAT. It was some scene which I will never forget , around 300 girls were sitting…or instead it was like a horde of amazons ready to pounce on their reprobates……no its not an exaggeration of adjective…. for us they (the management) were our sinners. This time our acquiescence had turned into an implacable Junoon to get our wants. Every passerby was amazed to see the gathering. The boys I guess were more excited to see all this Halla Bol, or maybe as usual they are just excited about anything related to girls…well…..boys will be boys…... But they somehow believed, from the past statistics, that it would be like any other day when we will be muted. The best part was that the management had no clue till they discovered that no girl turned upto the hostel even after 5.30pm. I wish I could just record the humgama inside the hostel after this discovery…….. Missed it yaar !!! anyways so the management turned up after half an hour. I must say they had never imagined this even in their wildest thoughts that the gathering of the girls will turn into a mutinous one.

In the beginning these management people were really adamant and said that the timings wouldn’t be changed. But we had decided to retort back and not listen to their specious talks. After some more negotiations they announced the new time as 7.00 pm . The reactionary junta was really adamant and unitedly we shouted “8.30 ….8.30 …. 8.30” the roars of which still resound in my ears. Ofcourse the managemnet decided not to respond and tried to give us there nonsense which we wouldn’t buy this time. Our revolt prolonged and at that time we were proud of ourselves and got a feel of being a part of some revolutionary movement like RDB or something. Some girls could connect our situation so stalwartly to freedom struggle that some (back seaters) shouted “Simon go back” “bharat choro” and it was really funny. Basically the point was shout and show your hostility over their decisions if they are not favouring us. The management then decided to stagger the timings according to the years. But again that was not the point. We were fighting together… and for all as a single body, so we demanded a uniform time. We screamed “no divide and rule…. we need uniform time”. 500 girls roaring …was a sight to watch….. trust me. On many occasions the management tried their level best to divert the situation, to give the discussion a different direction, to do everything possible to discuss everything but the point. The decision of entry time was held in an abeyance and the discussion shifted to dress code. As the topic came into limelight the tone of the management was as if “ hello whats the need, wear salwars, cmon you are not even thinking this will be changed” . Aah but we were in some mood. It was like a verbose match…”dhishum dhishum”…. one on one…sometimes we felt that we were loosing. But I guess we can call ourselves baazigaars kyounki haar ke jeetne waalon ko baazigar kehte hai. And after lots of struggle, lots of tu-tu mai-mai , lots I wish I could show u by some gesticulation what I mean by ‘lots’ , we won the match. The moment the management announced “from tomm there is no dress code” we all hooted and clapped and shouted as if we won a cricket match against Australia. We couldn’t believe it….no dress code…..woww. ….it was something we always dreamt of. No more being stemmed for wearing short kurta or jeans (with a kameez ofcourse) it was a moment we would always remember.
But still there was one more thing left to be decided..the entry time…….Finally the management announced the entry time as 7.30 and they got up to leave. But we decided to sit…sit as long as they donot extend the time atleast till 8.00pm. It was 9.00 pm by then…all shivering …..and hungry…jaded …..but we decided not to leave. We felt as if this is it. Its now or never. We were well aware that this gathering can never be repeated…the whole process can never be repeated again . if its not done today then ………… ………and moreover our juniors were getting impatient……..we somehow managed to keep them there…….after lots of negotiations…. finally the moment arrived . There was a lull before the announcement “the entry time is 8.00 pm”. And the whole crowd jumped up in the air. It was the happiest moment ever. It was a day of jubiliation, a day of celebration, a day all the boarders would remember in the coming years. “We did it we did what we always dreamt” we couldn’t stop hugging each other, and hooting …well now if u think its an over exaggeration then you should have seen us and moreover you know what it is to get freedom only when you are in restrictions and it is hard earned. It was then that I realized that we succeded only because our forte was this time we were united and 500 is not a small number. Basically we were in a point of vantage as the plan was executed gingerely and man o man you cannot go against 500 girls, it had the vigor to bring about the revolution. This powerful saga of girls really proved that “Strength lies in Unity”. This event was a true paradigm, in its own small way, for the above mentioned adage. 22nd Jan will henceforth be the independence day of our girls hostel….seriously no joke…..the feeling was of being free.

Ye humgama hila ke rakh diya sabko …and … was definitely the best break and change from our stolid life…hehehehe. The experience was unforgettable….and for it would be the hot topic for the next one week not only in girls hostel but the guys too (as we girls would not stop describing about it)

We still couldn’t believe that it was done….we couldn’t help smiling……We friends know that we have to live our past 3 1/2 yrs in the coming 3 months. That’s a bigggg challenge but we happily accept it and are a game for it……………………...and after all unity(wid friends ofcourse) will help to get us through this best challenge ever…………………….

Thursday, June 21, 2007

The Odyssey :: Embarking it

It was the usual day, the weather pleasant as always and the luminous ambience ever ready to invigorate you. Let me begin by giving you guys a succint view of the place where i lived. It was a beautiful place, a place we dream to go a place we have always dreamt to build....a place where the beauty of tranquility prevailed. The most characterizing feature of this place was the harmony in which people lived together...but yes everybody had there special group and i was lucky to find one to fit in(i will talk abt them later). The system in which the residential areas were alloted were untoward to what we have here.The phyllums were not according to any caste, creed, colour, culture, race, financial status, or any such stuff that is prevalent here. In short it was an utopia. However there still was a system of distinction. To put it simply, it was according to your performance on your last journey. There were many halls and i was given the 'level 3' hall.....there were 5 such halls level 1 being the best. Anyways i had not seen the other halls(moreover here i m just concerned with my hall)....but hopefully 1 day i will be exalted to hall 1. So coming back to this place again......there were many exotic places which we visited. But it was the iridescent hues of the sky which was the most enigmatic view from the summit of the hummock and for me it was the most sought out destination spots.( it was located some yards from the hall where I lived) . Often I went there to get entranced by the transcendent view and that day was one of those 'often' days. My enthralling epoch would have continued for long, if my friend wouldn’t have interrupted me. My friend .....well now the focus of my talk shifts to the..i surmise...the most frenzied group of hall 3. We were a boisterous group of ten but reduced to 9 later. But again in those 10 I had 5 special infact very special friends…. Chiang, John, Binay, Anne and Srishtii. Aah sorry amidst everything I just forgot to introduce myself- well I am Raghav Singh…a simple man…and currently unemployed that’s all …too short? ..but that’s all about my identity right now. Chiang and Anne are like my siblings. I love them they are truly the best. John and Binay are also my great friends. I simply loved my group and was proud of it . I wish I never had to leave them ….but everybody has to, that’s a rule…just as srishti had to.Well... Srishti, I don't know how to categorize our friendship….she was surely very special to me ….but, was this just a friendship or ….well, answer to this was always obscure. Anyways so where was I … yah so my friend interrupted me…that was binay…who had called me to say bye to one of the residents there. Reluctantly I got up, gave a final look at the view...without having the slightest idea that it was for the last time that I was seeing it. With no clue of what awaited me inside the hall we went inside the palatial dome like hall. The scene and the environ here was so quotidian. The same old goodbyes….the trains….the names being called out – names of those who were ready to take the journey again. “God! how much I hate this” frowned Binay. I was just too lazy to even respond. “Can we just get out of here” was all I could make myself say. Binay and I had just turned around when I heard my name being announced in one of those idiotic speakers. “NO..WAY….” we almost screamed in unison. “It couldn’t be my turn…I am not ready yet..” I said with almost tears in my eyes. “There must have been some misunderstanding , I am sure. Of course its not your turn” Binay said trying to fight the truth... the truth…. that I had to leave them. Lets freeze here and give me an overview of the system here. When your name is called out it indicates that your stay in this utopia has finished and you had to board a new train..and face the new journey, a new challenge. Though this journey is always very eventful in some or the other way (and life here is quite idyllic) yet for most of us it is unpalatable because in the first place when you don't want to come here, still you have to, and then when you are ensconced you have to leave this place, this is what makes this whole thing so unsavoury. But fortunately this is the system formulated by the Boss, who is a, infact more precisely speaking, the only paragon...soyou have to trust the system without giving a second it is , i guess, perfect And as a wont of this place it went on, on a daily basis. But again though you have faced it so many times before, yet everytime you face it, it proves to be a harrowing experience. Well, so i was facing this again, after a hiatus , of i don't know how long. Aah! it was time to meet the Boss. This was one thing which I liked about the whole process. To meet the designer, director(the Boss) of the whole system was in itself a thrilling experience. "Great here comes the agent", said Anne (by now our whole group had gathered there). The agent.....well he is not the one like in matrix, this one is a good fella. The agent ..the only noticeable parameter about him is that he is always too phlegmatic I don't know how(maybe because he is just bored of his morone, monotonous task) his task is simple...escort the people who are reday to take the journey, to the boss.....uuuhh!! such an uninteresting job, and he has been doing this job for an eon. Anyways I walked down the narrow passage (ornated with chandelairs -1 after every 2 yards) with the agent...just as i had comprehended not a single word during the whole walk. But the whole time my thoughts were in a continuous retrospection. The remeniscence of Srishti’s farewell floated in front of my eyes. “I will miss you Raghav. I am sure that you are someone from my past journey and I hope to meet you someday in this journey again”, she had said embracing me.After a jaunt we reached, and my thoughts were interpreted by the agent “ you are here mr. raghav all the best to you”....thats all he said everytime to everybody. “So this is it ..the process begins here ”, I thought. I took a deep breath and as i knocked the gold plated door I had a continuous eddy of feelings serving as a vortex in my mind and heart, afterall it was going to decide such a magnimous issue. “Come in”, came a voice from inside. Following the orders I pushed the door and went in with faltering steps. So finally I was meeting the boss...hmm...Boss...well if you ask me about boss's looks. or gender.....I am actually not quite sure of it. The only thing about Boss was the unparalleled luminisence about him… no her…no ….i don’t know. The light was so bright that I actually couldn’t look at boss directly. Standing there in Boss's room...aah!! the room....the room was embellished exquisitely. I am an aesthetic by nature and if you ask me what was my preference in that room, it would be the dainty looking figurine which stood prettyly on top of the podium in the right side. "hello!!!!", i said to myself "wake up and for heaven's sake stop being so artistic and think about your future", so I started enumerating my deeds one by one and concluded that I had a 95% probability of getting a good train and even if there had been some mere pecadillo I m sure Boss would consider it a venial act. "so i ve checked all your past records and ...well here is your ticket", said Boss in a very composed tone. The was fearful it was the one that would decide my odyssey... I took the ticket with trembling hands and then quickly unfolded it to check the details “TRAIN NO.-23761 NAME- to be named, Age- 0, GENDER- F , Route- to be decided by you" wait a minute what did i read…. GENDER-F ....What female!!!!!!” I couldn't repress the ejaculation “No not a female, pls! I am better off a male pls!!” I said with a suppliant tone to boss. “It’s irrevocable my dear. Now go else you will miss your train” said boss in his/her ever pacific tone. I had no choice. I managed to squeeze in a smile . Anyways I took blessings of Boss and as I opened the door to leave boss said “trust me I have kept the best in store for you. Just that you have to rummage for it”. I smiled feebly and walked out. …walked out of the passage and reached the hall. I found my train and my buddies waiting for me. It was the patent farewell . the same cries and the similar stuff … i won’t go deep into it. So I got up into the train with a trepedition about the passengers of my train. I kept praying. It was time. The train left a puff of smoke …the wheels turned…my palpitation tripled…..there was a moment of lull and in a flash the whole environ around me changed. I saw this beautiful lady, with angelic eyes, her serenity calmed me down and her soothing hands mollified my soul…and I knew her in a moment …she was my maa. And soon I met my baba with the same calmness about him as my mom….he took me in his hands and I knew that boss was right I am hallowed to have them as my parents. All my fathoms were effaced and I felt relieved. Within a few days I was named Baishali Chaudhury…….and …hence i embarked my odyssey

Friday, June 15, 2007

BLogging my way to the blog

Inside out.........well finally I have created my own blog where i will let all my thoughts, opinions, creativity , flow unperturbed.......opinions abt, prsonal life ......the issues around d world...basically whatever i find interesting...will be put down here.........
Concisely speaking everything inside my mind and heart will be out here......
So just check out my blog.....i will soon come up with my first blog....
Till then rock hard!!!!!!!